We use artificial materials designed to restore the appearance of leather, in its various aspects and in several areas such as clothing, shoes, handbags, textiles and others. The imitation leather is made from plastic material which gives it a real leather look that is larger than life. It is a flexible material which has many advantages: - Its strength: more resistant than fabric, - Its ease of maintenance: liquids do not penetrate the furniture upholstery, - Its price: is much lower than that of real leather. Our imitation leather can be declined in a wide range of colors: blue, taupe, burgundy, red, yellow, brown, black ... all colors are possible.

Over the years, we have developed significant process know-how in the coating of laminated cardboard and we manufacture custom lines tailored to specific requirements. At Matiplas, we offer durable cardboard with plastic coating, adapting to several types of products according to the specific needs of our customers.

Matiplas non-woven fabric has several functional characteristics. These aspects make Matiplas products smooth, soft, lightweight, non-toxic, airy and thermal. All these aspects inscribe the products through the spirit of the environment. According to our expertise, our research and our quest of perfection, our company, offers a wide range of products used in several sectors.